The in-depth knowledge in the kind of Advanced Engineering Analysis SPEC Services offers enables our clients to use our unparalleled expertise for their project needs with the obvious economic benefits it brings. Sealpit Services provides energetic design and management services in advanced engineering with a strong record of achievement and a passion for excellence. We have so far built a team of real strength and depth, with the capability to provide constant standards of services anywhere in the country. Our high value technical solutions and innovative approach has enabled our clients to stay ahead of the game in boosting their project performance, managing costs effectively and reducing their environmental impacts.

Sealpit Engineering and Consult Services, Advanced Engineering Group reinforced by robust technology offers a broad range of cost-effective, environment-friendly services and capabilities, meeting all the needs of our key sectors.

Our key areas in advanced engineering consultancy includes but not limited to

Finite Element Analysis

Buried Pipe Analysis

Pipe Stress Analysis