Engineer Femi Dapo is currently the Lead, Operations at Sealpit Engineering and Consult Services (SPECS) and also the Head of operations. He holds a B.Eng in Metallurgical and Material Engineering with vast research experience. Amidst is the research, design and development of a material known as Shape Memory Alloy.

He also studied the mechanical and corrosion behavior of this material in various environments which includes saline solution, simulated body fluids, PMS, and other types of fluids for the purpose of identifying the bio-compatibility nature of this material and bringing to knowledge the most suitable and conducive environment for service use.

He has worked in different companies across the country and in various capacities. He hast vast experience in Material Management, Plant design Management System, Oil and Gas Engineering Audit, Value Engineering,  Forensics Engineering Analysis amidst others.

He majors in corrosion analysis, monitoring, maintaining and general investigation of corrosion activities and the best way to curb them.

He is a trainer of engineering soft skills, a fundamentalist, public speaker, optimist and most importantly a team player who believes that the success of everyone around him is his success.