Forensic / Failure Analysis of Plants, Piping’s, and pipeline for both surface and underground system.

Pipes are the most delicate components in any process plant, they are also the busiest entities. Piping Systems are subjected to almost all kinds of loads, intentional or unintentional. It is very important to take note of all potential loads that a piping system would encounter during operation as well as during other stages in the life cycle. Ignoring any such load while designing, erecting, hydro-testing, start-up, shut-down, normal operation, maintenance etc. can lead to inadequate design of a piping system or sudden failure in service use.

Expectation: This E-Training session will teach you practical steps on how to perform failure / error analysis on plants, piping design, and as-built piping and pipeline system for both surface and underground system.
Deliverable/Downloads: E-Book, Software Package, Video Step process on how to install software package, Video Class(Webinar), Certificate of participation, 24/7 support system.

Who Should Enroll: Graduate Engineers targeting employment in the Food and Beverage, Oil & Gas, Petro-chemical, Manufacturing, Metal and Steel Works. Final year and post graduate engineering students, Pipeline, Mechanical, Project, Process, Field Operation, Installation, Production, Maintenance and Integrity Engineers at all level seeking to deepen their knowledge of preventive engineering.

Subsidized Cost: NGN 8,500.00 (Each enrolled participant will have access to three(3) video classes and a 24/7 support system)
Class closing date: 31-May- 2019

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