SPECs offers design, maintenance, and troubleshooting engineering services to chemical plants, refineries, utilities, water processing and purification facilities, paper mills, etc. Our services focus on mechanical engineering of piping, plant and vessels. We provide quick response, quality engineering, at economical prices.

We understand that a plant’s or piping system goal is to produce quality products at market prices, in a safe manner. To achieve these goals, low maintenance and high reliability of piping and equipment is essential. For these reasons, it is important that piping, plants and vessels be designed, maintained, and repaired according to applicable codes and standards. We provide engineering services to help your facility comply with ASME, API, NEMA, and other codes and standards.

We offer a full range of mechanical and metallurgical engineering services. The most common services that we provide are listed on our services web-page.

Please contact us to discuss any piping, plant or vessel issues. Advice is free and we can usually provide estimated engineering costs with information provided over the telephone.

At Sealpit Engineering Consult Services, we help our clients paddle toward prevention rather than reaction