Structural Design (Construction), Material Testing/Selection, Performance Analysis, Risk Assessment, Corrosion Evaluation, Cathodic Protection, Forensic/Failure Analysis, Maintenance Management Planning, Capacity Training

                     BENEFITS TO OUR CLIENTS

  • Our clients get to know the present condition and performance level of their assets cum business at a fraction of leading technology cost. You are happier knowing the true condition of your asset while being cost conscious.
  • Our clients will be able to identify those assets which are underperforming and predict when asset failure to deliver the required level of service is likely to occur.
  • Avoidance of premature failure leaving open the option of cost effective renovation
  • Ability to accurately predict future expenditure requirement through understanding remaining asset life and capital investment need
  • we help our client paddle toward prevention instead of reaction
  • Clients are able to maximize the useful life of infrastructures and also extend the useful life of existing infrastructures.
  • Risk identification
  • Improved operation condition
  • Avoid costly repairs
  • Longevity of structure and assets

Our Mission

To provide and supersede all safe design, construction and maintenance procedure in other to protect assets with business from risk of failures through the ability of seeing into their future.

“Giving a good performance, giving it all is what it’s all about.”
― Henry Rollins

Our Vision

To create an environment where Safety, Health and Quality is priority in Engineering Project(s).