The effective delivery of projects especially property and structure related requires a combination of multiple special areas of knowledge. At Sealpit Services, we have invested in the development of capability in a diverse range of special services which complement our core project management, cost & contracts functions. These services are offered both as stand-alone services direct to clients or as an integral part of the way Sealpit Services delivers projects. In all cases they give clients the ability to deal with the increasing complexity of projects and the need to ensure that assets are used to maximum efficiency.

The services include specialist technical areas of expertise such as sustainability & maintenance planning advice, where we seek to be at the forefront of current knowledge. Other services such as risk management, value engineering, dispute resolution, project auditing, strategic procurement, and facilities management focus on bringing industry best practice to bear on the delivery of projects and major developments.

Our Special Consulting Services Includes:

 Risk Management:  By providing our clients with a greater understanding of their risk exposure and an increased focus on proactive decision making, our clients will experience improved levels of project performance, greater certainty of achieving objectives and more effective use of limited resources.

Sealpit Services is experienced at applying a range of qualitative and quantitative risk management techniques to review and analyze potential risks and ensure appropriate actions and processes are in place to mitigate them.  This includes providing independent facilitation, training, selection and development of software and specialist analytical techniques by developing strong relationships with our clients so that we understand their objectives and what matters to them; we are able to help ensure that risks to those objectives are managed efficiently and proactively.  This close relationship enables us to develop innovative and effective solutions to managing our client’s risks at all levels of their program.

Value Engineering:  Value engineering is a systematic and organized approach to provide the necessary functions in a project at the lowest cost. Value engineering promotes the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives, without sacrificing functionality. It is focused solely on the functions of various components and materials, rather than their physical attributes. Also called value analysis.

Sealpit Services has first class systems for drilling down into the rationale for expenditure and driving down cost while enhancing quality. We test whether better value solutions exist and use our project control tools to capture and manage value initiatives through the key stages of project.

In addition to our value engineering team, all Sealpit Service professional staff are experienced at instilling value culture within organizations, advising on procedures and early project definition work. From our formal value engineering workshops, clients typically experience enhanced project performance and quality, reduced costs, greater certainty of achieving objectives and enhanced team buy-in.

Our value engineering team also has experience in developing databases to track all value analysis alternatives which are under consideration and maintains up-to-date status on implementation of all accepted options.

Our Value Engineering services include:

  • Providing project value reviews
  • Project capital and life cycle cost assessment
  • Detailed value analysis and affordability reviews
  • Formal value engineering workshop facilitation
  • Client value engineering procedure development

At Sealpit Engineering and Consult Services (SPECS), your success is our success.