Here at SPECs Labour Hire, we pride ourselves in providing the best practice labour solutions to the construction Industry coupled with our culture of safety and client satisfaction.  At SPECs Labour Hire, we aim to safeguard material loss through cost effective procedures and on time delivery of projects and services.

We focus on supplying the right manpower for the uniqueness of each project, supervising each project from inception to completion by our team of experienced personnel’s. We create a practical career pathway for aspiring generations, starting from basic tool and safety training leading into a professional career by providing financial support to further their studies.

We aspire to partner with companies who share the same values and priorities such as safety, people, quality and the environment.

Our History

SPECs Labour Hire is part of the SPECs Group which literately means Sealpit Engineering and Consult Service which includes SPECs Line, the transport and logistics arm.  SPECs Group was established in 2013 to create and provide cutting edge Structural Engineering design that cuts across the engineering industry and training in the area of Value and Forensic Engineering, Civil Engineering Design: Orion, Stadpro, bar bending Schedule. Oil and Gas Engineering Deisgn:  PDMS, caesar ii, flarenet, pipenet, etc.

SPECs Labour Hire is the labour supply division established in 2016 after seeing a need in the market for skilled, semiskilled, safe labour supply solutions within the construction industry in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. We aim to be the benchmark for practice in qualitative labour supply for construction in Nigeria while also working tirelessly to get our less privileged youth off the street by providing capacity development training geared toward economic and personal development.

                                                                     Our Core Values

Safety at work
Our staffs are courteous, respectful and professional. They are expected to wear the uniform provided to them and to undergo continuous training in safety and proper equipment use.

Strong team
We only employ staffs who have an attitude that reflects the culture of SPECs. That is, a beetle plan group who work together to perform the work at hand. We are dedicated, skilled and motivated to provide the best service for our clients and our company.

Quality Equipment
The quality of our equipment is high. We use only trusted brands such as Topwin tools, Bosch, De WALT and Handyman. Our staff takes pride in operating and maintaining these equipment’s.

Positive Attitude
We encourage a healthy, positive work environment. We believe that facilitating a work environment with happy, healthy staff is paramount to an effective and successful workplace.

Punctuality and Honesty
Our staffs are punctual, honest and responsible. They are expected to provide the highest level of professionalism in service to all clients and to uphold the culture and goodwill of the company.

                                                     Industry Main Weakness

From our years of experience in the Construction and Design industry, we have seen firsthand the fundamental problems within the Labour Hire Industry in Nigeria.
These include:

  • No on site experience
  • No basic tool experience or knowledge
  • Poor English and Attitude towards work
  • Inconsistency with quality, experience & attendance
  • Unsafe work practices
  • Lack of PPE
  • No account Management

    SPECs Labour Hire Strength

  • Training – in house training for basic tool and PPE use for new workers within the industry.
  • Screening – Our screening process is intense in other to sustain our ability to use qualitative and experienced labourers on our contract projects.
  • Values – our core values and expectations are communicated to all workers throughout the company.
  • Technology – SPECs operations system ensures efficient communication with fieldworkers avoiding mis-allocations or no shows.
  • Professionals – all workers are supplied with full PPE and uniforms.
  • Safety – all allocations come with Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), Inductions and site safety inspections taking place.
  • Communication – dedicated account manager taking care of all request and any issues
  • Career Pathway – ongoing fieldworker development through internal and external training.

                                                        Operation Process


The first step of the operations process is a client requests Labour, equipment, machinery or rubbish and waste removal.


Our account managers will make contact with you right away to assess your needs and gather more information for us to provide you the labour you require.

  • Job Location
  • Job Description
  • Job Duration
  • Skill, competency or induction requirements

We asses all requirements needed for the project and select our best team members available.

  • Individual assigned based on skill, competency or induction
  • Email / Phone Call order confirmation
  • Allocation sent to field worker

All our team members are supplied with full PPE, uniform and we ensure they are wearing full PPE at all times by conducting regular site visits.

  • Full PPE & Uniform
  • On site induction with SWMS
  • Punctual & Reliable


After each and every supply of labour,  our account managers will make contact or complete a site visit to get feedback on how our team members have performed, this allows us to keep maintain a high standard of quality labour.

  • Quality Feedback
  • Account manager communication
  • Labour Payment

    Let us take off the process of labour sourcing off you.
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