At Sealpit Services, we believe that youth unemployment is a major challenge in the county, bringing along with it several serious socio-cultural and economic challenges.

The NYSC, by virtue of her mandate is unarguably the most critical influencer in the development of the Nigerian Youth. Thus, recognize that it must play a major part in supporting the government’s resolve to tackle the unemployment challenge.

This realization led to the creation of the Skill Acquisition & Entrepreneurship development (SAED) department in the NYSC in 2012 to champion a Skill acquisition & entrepreneurship development program.

Sealpit Services has partnered with the NYSC SAED programme in its quest for the realization of its set objectives and as such helping to initiate targeted young Nigerian graduates mobilized and deployed in the one year mandatory service. The primary goal of the programme is to promote entrepreneurship and self-reliance among-st the youth. It is designed to be implemented within the framework of the corp member camping exercises (in-camp) and the service year of the corps members (post camp).

The SAED program and SEALPIT Services has an ambitious vision to enable the creation of at least 20,000 sustainable enterprises annually, and get a minimum of 150,000 corp members to be productively engaged, generating sustainable economic value through employment or entrepreneurship annually.

At Sealpit Services, we have partnered with the SAED Platform in the area of soft skill engineering training, development and more with the hope of helping the nation future leaders be responsible for themselves and the nation at large.

At Sealpit Engineering and Consulting Services (SPECS), your success is our success.